The Coolest Dutch Word

I have been living in the Netherlands for 5 months and I’ve attended 2 Dutch lessons, yet I will claim that I have already found the coolest word in Dutch. A bold statement? Perhaps, but keep reading and you’ll see I’m right.

The word is none other than ‘microwave’. Yes, you read right, ‘microwave’. Now when you hear or read ‘microwave’ you probably picture something cute like this:

Maybe even cuter and smaller, after all, it has the prefix ‘micro-‘ in it.

Now behold the Dutch word for ‘microwave’:


Doesn’t it make you think of something like this?

Magnetron: protecting the world from the evil forces of cold leftovers and frozen food

Am I right?

How many “likes” do you think I would have to get on Facebook for somebody to name their kid Magnetron?

Cute microwave:
Magnetron: by the DK, from a drawing by catzav3ncu and this microwave