Where to Find Good Coffee in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (aka LPGC) has a lot of good things to offer, but coffee, unfortunately, is not one of them. In fact, coffee in this city is so bad that they invented the leche y leche. Basically, they add a generous dollop of condensed milk to the coffee to hide its taste and make it drinkable. If you don’t mind your coffee being extra sweet, a safe bet would be to order this if you’re unsure of the quality of the coffee.

Cortado leche y leche

Luckily for coffee snobs connoisseurs like myself, more and more places are now serving Italian coffee. Look for the Illy or Lavazza signs and you’ll probably be fine.

My favorite places

Cocó: go for a walk around the charming neighborhood of Triana and stop here for the best coffee in town. Try their homemade cakes and cookies or, if you feel like something savory, go for one of their many yummy sandwiches. They also serve lunch.

Plantaciones de origen: a great selection of bulk coffees and teas, definitely the best place to buy your ground coffee.

Café y más: if you decide to spend the day on the beautiful beach of Las Canteras and you are looking for some good coffee, it’s worth leaving the touristy waterfront and walking a couple of blocks inland to get your caffeine fix.

Order it like a local

You might be looking for Italian coffee, but you’ll still have to order it in Spanish.

Un café solo: an espresso.

Un café cortado or un cortado: an espresso with a little bit of milk, the closest thing might be an espresso machiatto.

Un café con leche: similar to an Italian capuccino or a French café au lait.

Un cortado leche y leche: what you want to order if you find yourself at a place that serves Canarian coffee. It’s a cortado floating on condensed milk.

Un café con leche y leche: a safe bet with more milk than the previous one.

Un americano: if espresso-like coffee is too strong for you, you can order this one; it’s basically an espresso ruined by adding hot water, but if that’s how you like it…

One last tip: if a place serves Café Sol, avoid it at all costs.


7 thoughts on “Where to Find Good Coffee in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  1. Thanks, I needed that! I’m becoming a coffee-addict here. I’d also like to warn everyone against Casa Suecia. They serve American coffee from a can, diner-style. Yuk!

  2. OW, What a pity we are reading it now, just before leaving! I sure would have enjoyed these places since I couldn’t drink a good coffee here !!! How is it in the Hague ?

  3. Thanks for the tips! We’ll be back there at Christmas, and will check out the places you recommend.

    We’ve found it’s impossible to order a “barraquito” (popular coffee on Tenerife) in Las Palmas. To get something similar, you have to order a “cortado largo con leche condensada y licor”. Or just do without while you’re on “la isla de en frente” ;).

    I’m not a fan of Casa Suecia’s coffee, but they are the only place I have found on the Canaries that serves anything resembling American-style pancakes (they call them “tortitas”) ;). Only they come with chocolate instead of maple syrup.

    All this talk is making me hungry…

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