Meet the Kitties

Meet Araña

I had several topics to choose from for my first post and then Araña looked at me with her big yellow eyes and it was decided (she has trained me very well).

Who could say no to this face?





Araña is our first cat. Black, athletic and very vocal. One day a fat boy cat wandered into this man’s garden, the man fed him and the cat decided to stay. It turned out he wasn’t a he after all, but a pregnant she. A flyer, a call and a few days later, we had found our Araña.

Her eyes were still blue when we first got her

She was the queen of the house for seven months, until our vet introduced us to Lía.

And then there were two

Lía was being tortured by a bunch of nasty teenagers when a lady rescued her and brought her to our vet. The vet couldn’t save her right eye, but she found her a family.

Lía's favorite pastime

A one-eyed cutie


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